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“It is increasingly important for our culture to bring people together and to promote dynamics in professional organizations, mutual understanding, learning and harmony. Creating ''virtual communities'' is one major way to do this.” 
- IADIS International Conference Web Based Communities 2010 part of the IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2010)

A regional or community website is developed to cover a specific geographic area, such as a County, Township, City, Town or Village.

By projecting a contemporary and vibrant image to the world, your community’s website will be a vital component in promoting a “shop local” mentality, tourism endeavors and attracting travelers and visitors to come and spend money on lodging, meals, shopping and attractions.


Benefits for the Community


The benefits of your community having a customized website developed by Pinnacle Online Media Group are numerous:

   Remain competitive with other nearby communities that have their own websites.

   Showcasing your community online, and presenting everything it has to offer on one customized, easy to navigate, interactive community website, the community itself will experience an increased share of tourism dollars, and can provide more support to local businesses to expanded markets which will result in creating new jobs and ensuring constant economic growth.

   Non for Profit Groups, Schools, Social Events, etc. can be easily found and therefore accessed through the customized community websites we develop.

   Increased traffic to other sites in the community can be expected since they now link to the community website. Since there is so much comprehensive information regarding your community on a single website, it will be ranked high on search engine listings, which will increase visits to the website, and subsequently, all the websites linked within the websites pages.

   A customized community website, developed by Pinnacle Online Media Group, will become a viable recruitment tool for families, workers, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are looking for a better quality of life. All of these perspective new residents are going online to research places to live and work.

   By a providing a comprehensive, single, online resource of information and an easier, more convenient way to find out what is happening in the community, residents will be more inclined to attend community meetings and to take part in community.


An Economic Development Tool


The customized community or regional website Pinnacle Online Media Group develops will be a critical part of the economic development effort set forth by your community.

   Customized community or regional websites provide much more than a simple listing of local government officials, chamber of commerce members and community groups. When developed properly, it will become a vital part of the community’s economic development infrastructure, and will provide an image of an energetic and "online" community that has an informed, tech-ready workforce and an informed population of residents.

   By having a custom community website developed by Pinnacle Online Media Group, initiatives such as promoting “shop local” becomes easier because local residents will find it easier to locate the products and services they require, right in their own backyard, keeping that valuable revenue within the community. Increased civic participation can also be expected when the community has an easy to navigate, interactive custom community website, enticing them to spend their entertainment dollars on local events, festivals, attractions, entertainment venues and not-for-profit Organizations locally.

   Most vacationers use the Internet to choose where they will be staying, dining, and how they will entertain themselves.

   Businesses and large Companies looking to relocate or expand will also find that viewing your community website makes it much easier when researching for a new location to move to. 


A Marketing Tool


A customized community website, developed by the experienced, professionals at Pinnacle Online Media Group, will market online, a contemporary and vibrant image of your community to the world.

   A community website ensures that the community remains competitive economically with neighboring communities. The customized community website will be a vital component to tourism endeavors, attracting travelers and visitors to come and spend money on lodging, meals and attractions within the community.

   Local businesses will benefit from the additional online marketing to potential customers from outside the community, as well as promoting local shopping within the community.

   Feature-rich community and regional websites have multiple ways to inform community members about what is happening within the community and has the potential to increase civic participation. Residents will be more inclined to get out of the house, shop local, attend community meetings and take part in community activities when they have access to the right information at the right time.  

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